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The Vision  part 2

By:  Keller

-Special thanks to Keller for stepping up and writing part 2 of the Vision. I know I wanted it to be from Buffy's POV, and since I don't watch the show (Buffy and Angel Forever!), Keller from my Fanfic writers group was nice enough to help me out! Keep an eye out for part 3, our collaboration to bring the two true loves together again!
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Buffy stared blankly into her coffee. There was music playing somewhere, it was soft but if she strained to hear it she could just make out the words. 

I can feel the magic floating in the air 

Being with you gets me that way 

I watch the sunlight dance across your face 

Thoughts of Angel drifted across her mind, images of him from….when? She didn’t remember the scene, didn’t recognise it. It was like someone else had borrowed her body for a day and lived her life leaving no memory of her experiences. It made her feel sick but she didn’t know why. What was it? What did he do to her? Whenever he was near she could sense it and it left her dizzy and confused. The separation had been hard but she knew it was for the best. Forbidden love. But was it love? Or just lust. Denial, Buffy thought. 

And I’ve never been this swept away 

All my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze 

She remembered when Angel first came to Sunnydale, to her, to help her. He was a wreck, a vampire with a soul, hardly your usual everyday monster. He was so gentle, appeared so innocent yet she knew he wasn’t. She even knew all the reasons why he wasn’t the innocent being he appeared as but it didn’t stop her loving him. Nothing took that away, even the pain she’d suffered couldn’t break their bond. 

When I’m lying wrapped up in your arms 

The whole world just fades away 

The only thing I hear Is the beating of your heart 

His heart. His unbeating heart. It had beat, she’d heard it, listened to it. His apartment, when she’d gone to LA after Thanksgiving. "So we’ll keep to the plan. We’ll keep our distance, and, over time, we’ll just…" "Forget." Angel had said. 

‘Cause I can feel you breathe 

It's washing over me And suddenly I'm melting into you 

There's nothing left to prove 

“I’ll never forget.” Pictures appeared in Buffy’s mind painting an image of Angel. But not Angel as she knew him, an Angel who was weak and needed protecting. An Angel who was….who was….human. Uncertainty engulfed Buffy. What had happened? She knew what she remembered but now, now there was a new story. 

Baby, all we need is just to be 

Caught up in the touch 

Slow and steady rush 

Baby, isn't that the way that love's suppose to be 

The memory began to return, slowly at first and then faster and faster. The realisation of the truth hit Buffy like a sledgehammer and the shock of that truth was too much to bear. She started to cry, openly, crying like she would never stop. She ignored the people who turned to look at her, ignored Willow’s questions of what was wrong and Riley…Buffy looked up at him through bleary eyes. 

I can feel you breathe 

In a way I know my heart is waking up 

Her mind whirled and she felt as if she would be sick but still she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his. The hurt pummelled her very being and still she couldn’t look away. 

As all the walls come tumbling down 

Closer than I’ve ever felt before 

And I know, and you know 

There's no need for words right now 

She wanted Angel, needed him, needed him so much that she would do anything to be with him. Anything. She stood slowly and picked up her jacket. He was calling out to her, his mind, his soul. He needed her too, she could feel it. 

I can feel the magic floating in the air 

Being with you gets me that way...

... to be concluded in The Vision pt 3: After All

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