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Angel Standing By – my first B/A fanfic. Angel reminisces about their relationship at Buffy’s bedside one night. Pre-leaving SD.

Eternal Love part 1- Angel recevies a visit from Willow. Buffy’s been hurt badly, and Angel must make a choice in order to keep her.

Eternal Love part 2- Buffy’s condition drives Angel to the ultimate sacrifice for his love. Character Death.

Wild Horses: An alternative ending to ‘The Prom’

The Advantage of Being Human: Done with my friends in roleplay on AOL, Angel finds an ancient formula that can restore a vampire body to a living, breathing human. Angel is human again… but a gathering of vampires takes place and they want their previous ‘prince’… Angel!

The Life: an alternative ending to "I Will Remember You." Angel, about to turn the day back, learns some interesting information dealing with his night with Buffy. Will he turn the day back and make us all cry (like we need to cry more about those two)?

The Sacrifice: Angel’s return to Sunnydale to fight the ‘End of Days’. Mankind’s fate hangs in the hands of the slayer & her angel (yet again).

The Vision Part 1: Please Remember Me – Angel reflects on the recent events of his life (after "I Will Remember You") over a beer with Cordelia. He has to do something about the way he’s feeling.

The Vision Part 2: Breathe – (Guest Writer) Buffy, on a date with Riley, suddenly experiences flashbacks of fleeting memories of her and Angel together. Puzzled, she leaves Riley, determined to find some answers.

The Vision Part 3: After All –Both lovers come to terms with their own fears about their relationship. Fate plays her hand with a tank low on gas…

Vampires and Angels and Love, Oh My!- My first X-Files / B/A crossover. Mulder and Scully come to Los Angeles investigating vampires and come face to face with the cities undead protector.

Unsent Letters- Cordelia finds a letter that Angel wrote to Buffy, but never put in the mail.

Unsent Letters part 2: Tonight and the Rest of my Life (or the Three most important words in the universe)- Buffy approaches Angel with her own letter which she’s never said. Silent story, except for three words.

Unsent Letters part 3: Finale- After making love one final time, Buffy prepares to plunge a stake into Angel for love.

The End?- In the year 2060, Buffy is close to death, and Spike and Dru have finally come back with revenge on Buffy through her daughter. Buffy calls to Angel… will he be able to save her?

Dark Night on the Town: A silly peice of fluff, really. Buffy is out and you know who shows up at the Bronze to dance with her... takes place after the "Unsent Letters" trilogy.

Love by Monitor Light: Angel inadvertently finds love on the Internet.

Loss  : Angel learns of Buffy's death from Willow. Set at the end of A:tS season 2.

 Reunion :Angel finds out about Buffy's return. Set after "Carpe Noctem", but not using the same ending as the TV show...

Letting Go : Lorne and Angel share a conversation about Buffy and Angel first falling in love.